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Selected Poems

Excerpts from the nature machine! (forthcoming, Autofocus)

"portrait becoming-cyber", DIALOGIST (Week 38)

3 Poems in Always Crashing

3 Poems in mutiny!

Excerpts from Florida Man: Poems (Red Flag Poetry)

“Florida Man," Cleaver issue #17, 2017. Online. Reading for the Cleaver podcast "On the Edge."

Three poems: “Alligator Heart“; “A Second-Generation Alligator Wrestler”; “On a Dancefloor in FL” at Burrow Press

Two poems: “Alligator Mississippiensis” and “Gas Station Gator Head,” Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment, Winter 2018.

Alligator Tears,” The Journal, issue 41.4, Fall 2017. Online.


Dirty Socks and Pine Needles (Sibling Rivalry Press)

“drips with sensually alive references that jump off the page.” – Windy City Times


“new nature!” (commissioned as part of the You Good? art exhibit on mental health)


“My Mother Files for Unemployment in Florida,” In Absentia: Reflections on the Pandemic (Bicycle Comics)


“Self-portrait as Cardinal after Watching A Star is Born (2018) with My Mother,” Jet Fuel Review (Issue 18)

“Self Portrait as Vulture,” Pretty Owl Poetry, Summer 2019.

“Sober,” South 85 Journal, Spring/Summer 2019.


3 Poems: “a sperm whale that washed up on a beach in spain had 64 pounds of plastic & waste in its stomach,” “more than 700 north american bee species are headed toward extinction,” and “heartbroken scientists lament the likely loss of ‘most of the world’s coral reefs” (Creative Pinellas)


“Disciple (a self-portrait)," White Stag Publishing, 2017. Online.


“Another Name for Adam,” Prelude, 2016. Online.

“The Jerry Springer Show at the Laundromat," Tahoma Literary Review issue #7, 2016. Print (88-101).

“Club Lazarus,” Apogee Journal, Perigee Folio, 2016. Online.

“Conversion Therapy.” The Indianola Review, vol. 3, 2016.

“Framed by Window, Neighbor Boy Stands.” Wisconsin Review, vol. 49.2, 2016. Print (40).

"A Few Days Before Marriage Equality, the Boils Appeared," Juked, 2016. Online.


“Casual Relationship.” Columbia Poetry Review, no. 28, 2015. Print (121).

“Wanting the World Means Only Getting Crumbs.” The Los Angeles Review, vol. 18, 2015. Print (102-107).

“Lunch Date with James at One of Those Cute Oceanside Restaurants,” Voicemail Poems, summer issue, 2015. Online.


2 Poems: “Dating Macaulay Culkin during his Velvet Underground Cover Band Phase” and “I’m going on Matthew Mcconaughey’s Dallas Buyers Club Diet, Or, A Spoonful of Pudding a Day.“ PANK, issue 11, 2014. Print (116-119).

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