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Tyler Gillespie: Teacher, Writer, & Researcher

image Hi! I’m Tyler Gillespie, and I've taught college writing courses since 2015. I'm currently an instructor in the Department of Writing & Rhetoric at the University of Mississippi. I teach the first-year writing sequence in FASTrack, a cohort-based program geared toward first generation and out-of-state students.

My scholarship focuses on first-year composition, queer rhetorics, and rhetorical practices. I'm also a poet, humor writer, and award-winning journalist published in the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, GQ, VICE, and Salon. My books include The Thing about Florida: Exploring a Misunderstood State (UPF, 2021) and Florida Man:Poems (Red Flag Poetry, 2018). My full writing portfolio can be found at

I'm currently working on two book-length projctes: 1) my dissertation on creative writers who teach first-year writing (Dissertation Research Invitation), and 2) lives & litearcies in Florida's LGBTQ+ communities (from Stonewall to Y2K). Please feel free to email me if you'd like to chat about either project.

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Journalism & Media Studies. I'm currently a PhD student in the English: Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication program at the University of Memphis.

This site serves as my teaching/research portfolio and as part of my Facutly Annual Review for the University of Mississippi. The Service page documents my work in the university community, and the Teaching pages contain my teaching philosophy, description of courses taught, memo documenting my teaching observations, and excerpts from student evaluations.

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