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Selected Clips

Photos © Tyler Gillespie


Disney May Rule, But Gator Wrestling and Roadside Attractions Remain in Florida (VICE)
The Scariest House in Louisiana ( The Daily Beast)
Why Florida needs your help to hunt pythons (The Guardian)
The World of Competitive Eating (The Guardian)
Dolly Parton’s Most Hardcore Fans (The Guardian)


Midtown 150: “Past Plates” (edited + narrated for WUSF)
Sci High Mascot Comes Out Of Her Shell (WWNO)
The Book Lady And Her Colorful Van, More Than ‘White Boys And Dogs’ (WWNO)


The Last Day at Giovanni’s Room, America’s Oldest Gay Bookstore (Rolling Stone)
Pulse Was More Than Just a Gay Club (GQ)
Miss Gay America Is Trying to Keep Drag Pageants Alive (VICE)
How Otis Fennell and his little gay book shop hang on (The Times-Picayune)
Drag Queens Of The Bible Belt (BuzzFeed) (also part of Longread’s “All Hail the Queen”)
Students Made Off-Campus Protest a Movement (The Nation)
Inside the Sequined, Shrinking World of Gay Mardi Gras (Playboy)



Big Freedia’s moment (Salon)
Mykki Blanco: “I grew up wanting to be Yoko Ono” (Salon)
From Church of Christ to Pansexual Rapper (The Daily Beast)
Emma Roberts: Ancient Spirits Come Alive (Flaunt)
Meet Jon Moody, The Painter Beloved by Rappers (PAPER) Reporting Fellowship, 2018


At “ground zero” for dog racing, Florida moves toward change (Salon)
The Florida woman trying to break free of being “Florida Woman” (Salon)
In a flea market rife with Confederate flags, a shop embraces a different crowd (Salon)
A one-of-a-kind museum grows in Florida (Salon)
A Florida tattoo artist among the hipsters (Salon)
Florida’s new faces of old age (Salon)



R.L. Stine: “I love killing teenagers” (Salon)
YouTube star Tyler Oakley on being famous online and beyond (Salon)
Interview with Poet Danez Smith (The Rumpus)
Out theater actor Wes Perry dishes ‘Girl’ talk (Windy City Times)


Review: The Most American Thickburger (The Guardian)
Getting the Call: Inside iO’s ‘SNL’ Auditions (Vulture)
My weekend at International Mr. Leather (Chicago Reader)
10 Comedians You Need to Know (PAPER)
5 slept-on YouTube Videos You Should Watch This Week (PAPER)


The Best Po’ Boys in the USA (The Daily Beast)
An American Bakery in Paris (Creative Loafing)


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