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image: illustrated narrative from student's Reflective memo (used with permission).

Teaching Observation Memos

University of Mississippi

Fall 2019: Course Observation of WRIT 101 by Core Lecturer Chip Dunkin as a PDF.

Podcast with Student Feedback

Four of my former FASTrack students reflect on my writing classes and offer advice to incoming freshmen in this podcast episode:

Excerpts from Student Evaluations

I’ve linked excerpts from student evaluations from the last calendar year as a Google doc.

from Writ 101 (fall 2019)

“Mr. Gillespie is an amazing teacher, he is very organized and clear on what needs to be done. He was really easily approachable when you had a question and would guide you in the right direction. He makes his course outline very detailed, it is almost impossible to miss an assignment.”

“He always gave a warm, comfortable environment around him, and he tried to help in any way he could.”

“This course allowed me to find my style of writing. He really created a safe space, which he set out to do from the beginning of the course. He was very understanding and allowed the students to express themselves in anyway, as long as they had reason to back it up. The teacher was also very organized and prepared. All due dates, assignments, and even class notes, could be located on blackboard or the blog. The teacher was very consistent and reliable.”

“I had a great time in this class even though I was one of two girls out of 10 boys. Mr. G made sure that we felt included and our opinions were being heard.”

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