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image credit: University of South Florida-St. Petersburg

Florida Man:Poems (Red Flag Poetry, 2018)

image From the Publisher: In the tradition of C.D. Wright, Gillespie -- a reporter for national publications -- utilizes journalistic techniques in an innovative nonfiction hybrid that merges poetic sound and form in pieces

“Tyler Gillespie has published an emphatic book of poems.” – The Washington Post

“Florida Man conveys the scope of Florida beyond the flattened punchlines associated with the collection’s eponymous character.” – The Millions

“Like all good literature about Florida, the strange is familiar and the familiar is strange.” – Burrow Press

“All of it drips with Floridiana.” – Tampa Bay Times

“Finishing Tyler Gillespie’s Florida Man, I felt a sense of having just consumed a layer of the future fossil record of Florida, so simultaneously precise and wide-ranging was Gillespie’s natural history of his home.” – Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment

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