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Former Teaching Appointments

University of Mississippi (2019-2022)

2021 Recipient a The X. A. Kramer, Jr. Outstanding Teaching Award. This is the department's preeminent teaching award. It's student-nominated and decided by a committee of peers.

Writ 101: focuses on multiliteracies, writing process, discourse(s), and argumentation. I've taught this course f2f and online.

I've included a a Google doc link of a past Writ 101 syllabus, calendar, and assignment sequence as well as three lesson plans.

Writ 102: emphasizes research, information literacy, and genre conventions. Students conduct semester-long research on discourse communities and compose a multimodal community writing project (see student example).

I've included a Google doc link of a past Writ 102 syllabus, calendar, and assignment sequence.

Student Work Sample Writ 102: Digital Writing for a Community Stakeholder (campus K-pop Group) OMG

University of Central Florida (2018-2019)
Visiting Instructor

ENC 1101
ENC 1102

I’ve included links to Course Materials for my UCF FYW classes: ENC 1101 and ENC 1102.

My ENC 1102 student's research paper "The Art of Deception: Genres of Phishing" was published in the peer-reviewed journal Stylus: A Journal of First-Year Writing.

My student and I presented "Then & Now: A 10-year Retrospective on how UCF’s LGBTQ+ Students Found Community Through Text" as part of the series "Writing & Rhetoric as Dialogic Art."

St. Petersburg College (2017-2018)

JOU 2100: Journalistic Writing and Reporting.
ENC 1101: Composition I
ENC 1102: Composition II

University of South Florida (2016-2018)

JOU 4188: Neighborhood News Bureau (capstone class)
(TA) JOU 6135: Video Storytelling
(TA) MMC 5146: Web Publishing
REA 1205: Advanced Reading (for Student Athletes)

University of New Orleans (2015-2016)
Graduate Teaching Instructor

ENGL 1157: Composition 1

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